Data centre cooling solutions

With increases in server density and the ever present focus on cost reductions, it’s important to install efficient technology for your data centre cooling. LJ Air is a data centre cooling specialist that aims to keep your servers happy as well as your staff.

Efficient Cooling

At LJ Air we focus on cooling your servers. This server awareness sets us apart from other HVAC specialists. High density servers require specific technologies. These technologies deliver higher efficiencies in power consumption by providing better control. Improved control leads to confidence with the system and allows for adjustment of set points and better response times by data centre staff and service providers.

Our Approach

Our goal is your satisfaction and we understand that means providing consistent implementation and effective communication while delivering your project on time and on budget. LJ Air’s considerable project experience enables us to develop precision cooling solutions that align with your IT objectives. We’re conscious of your business continuity at all times, have developed procedures and systems to keep your business uninterrupted during construction and maintenance.

Your Consulting Partner

As part of our consulting services LJ Air will survey your server room to analyse the efficiency of your existing cooling systems, make recommendations for improvements and offer continuing maintenance suggestions to extend the life of your air conditioning systems. As a result, our services will minimise the frequency and severity of unexpected system failures.

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